Plastic can be found practically everywhere and is almost impossible to avoid. Plastic packaging like bags, straws, bottles, and wrappers are used by millions of people across the world every single day. Since these items are so common and thrown away so quickly, it is easy for people to believe…

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Forgiving is not easy. Anyone who has been deeply hurt knows that it can be hard to focus on anything other than the pain. It’s normal to be mad and want to stay mad at someone who has caused so much damage, but holding onto hurt is emotionally draining and quite possibly the worst thing someone could do to their own mind.

Forgiveness is not about finding excuses for whoever hurt you or pretending it never happened. Forgiveness is about goodness, about extending mercy to those who’ve harmed us, even if they don’t “deserve” it. It allows us to let go of the pain that weighs us down and gives us a sense of inner strength and safety. Forgiveness can heal us and allow us to move on in life with meaning and purpose.

Your identity is who you are. It is a way of self-expression and truth. Your identity consists of your gender, your beliefs, your age, etc. So much goes into who you are but it gives more ways to self-expression. The best part about your identity is that you can make it up. This generation has been able to open up to more identities and be able to be happy with themselves such as pronouns, gender, and looks. Your identity is what makes you different from others which makes the world a much more beautiful place.

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What does pride mean to me? When I think of pride, I think of my work ethic. When I am at work I always try my best to go above and beyond with making sure every person is greeted with a warm smile through my eyes. It makes my day knowing that I am letting others feel the joy I have when I am at work. Being proud of the job I work for makes it easy for me to brighten up others and encourage them to do better and be the best version of themselves. I take pride in knowing that when I leave at the end of a shift that I did the best I could possibly do for not only myself but for those around me.

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Love is an exciting yet scary feeling. It is one of the most intense feelings you will ever feel and is a way we survive. The reason why it is scary is that love can give you the biggest heartbreaks you will feel but it is one of the only…

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I’m sure everybody has been asked this question. It can be a tricky one to answer though. There’s pros and cons to every superpower. I’ve decided to go through some of them and give my opinion.

  1. Telepathy: I can understand…

Inspiration is a term used when someone describes a person place or thing that pushes them to be their best. I myself do not know what inspires me, but I am on the journey to finding out. This past year I have lost touch in some areas and what my future can really hold for me. I want to finish school, get a career, and have a family eventually. I know my drive comes from my family and friends’ love and support, but the question for me now is… what inspires me?

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The truth can be hard to hear, but it is a necessary component for a fulfilling life. It is not only beneficial for the person who is telling the truth, but also for the person who is told the truth. …

Hope is something people have lost these past two years with COVID-19 striking the world. According to the dictionary, hope is “a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.” Everyone has hope whether it be wanting the world to go back to normal or someone wishing to get into their dream college. Hope is like a collection of dreams waiting to come true also explained by the bible in this way. Hope is an eccentric feeling that can also can bring anxiety and fear. Although some have lost hope I still have some in my heart wishing for the best for everyone for years to come.

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The Black Lives Matter movement has been fighting to bring justice to black people across the globe for years, and it may be the largest movement in all of U.S history.

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Black Lives Matter is a social movement protesting against police brutality and racially motivated violence against black people. The…

Grace Zang-Turnock

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