“I’m so excited to explore our new house Mom!” Lucas exclaimed as him and his mother walked into their brand new home.

“Have fun exploring honey, I’ll be in the kitchen preparing dinner.” his mother responded, but Lucas had already run upstairs, eager to see what his new home had to offer.

Lucas ran through every room in the house, probably twice. He had searched every corner, every cabinet and every closet. He was pleased to see how big his new bedroom was, and couldn’t wait to put up all his Avengers posters as well as comic books and action figures.

As he was walking downstairs, he noticed a door he had somehow missed. “What? I swear I walked through the whole house.” he muttered. Nevertheless, Lucas opened the door to see what was inside. This time, however, he wasn’t as keen. He wasn’t sure why, but he got an uneasy feeling as he opened the mysterious door.

Lucas slowly inched the door open to find an old wooden staircase leading down to the basement. Usually, he’d be over the moon to find something new to explore, but this time was different. He got an eerie feeling and was hesitant to go see what was in there. “How bad can it be?” he thought to himself. So he walked down the stairs and into an empty room where the energy completely shifted. It was weirdly colder than the rest of the house and much darker. Lucas was immediately struck with fear and he could feel the shivers run down his spine. He felt frozen and started to cry when his mother walked down the stairs. “What’s wrong honey?” she asked.

“I don’t know, I guess the basement just freaked me out a little bit. I’m fine though.” he told her reassuringly.

“Okay, why don’t you come upstairs and help me finish dinner.” she replied.

“Sure thing, Mom.” Lucas responded while walking up the stairs with his mother following behind him. About to exit the basement door, he heard his mother’s voice from the kitchen. “Lucas, where are you? Dinner’s almost done!” His jaw dropped and his eyes widened with terror. He turned around to find that his mother was gone. He turned back around to run upstairs but the door slammed shut and the room went dark. Then he heard a distorted whisper from right next to his ear, “You’re mom’s not here anymore.”